Dr George’s Dental White

Dr George's Dental WhiteDr George’s Dental White® is classed as the most effective, best value for money home teeth whitening kit for a very good reason. The brainchild of respected U.S. dentist Dr George Madray, Dental White combines a safe but optimum bleaching agent – one of the few over the counter peroxide kits still legally available in the UK – with customisable thermoform mouth trays to ensure even teeth coverage.

Sold in the UK exclusively at Smile4You.co.uk, the fact that Dental White is created and sold by a dentist has encouraged U.K experts to approve it for sale as a peroxide formula.

Recent EU rules severely limit the concentration of peroxide in home teeth whitening kits to no more than 0.1% hydrogen peroxide. Dentists however are allowed to sell peroxide teeth whitening kits of up to 6% hydrogen peroxide. Thanks to Dental White’s creator and dentist Dr Madray, Dental White is legally classed as the latter.

As such, it can legally use a whitening gel solution of 16% carbamide peroxide which breaks down to 5.3% hydrogen peroxide, a 3:1 ratio and an effective whitening strength.

You should note, however, that Dental White’s new terms and conditions do state that it is assumed you have already had initial treatment by a dentist (another condition of the EU rule) before purchasing.

The Pros

  • Approved by the FDA in the U.S as well as all authorities in the UK.
  • Dental White’s 16% carbamide peroxide helps to bleach effectively with little irritation. Anything less than 10% is unlikely to be effective while any gel above 22% is potentially uncomfortable for teeth.
  • Should whiten teeth by up to 11 shades within a couple of weeks, with noticeable benefits in just 30 minutes.
  • Provides enough solution for 200 treatments or more with 120ml.
  • Peroxide kits will always be more effective than their non-peroxide counterparts.
  • Customisable mouth trays are the most efficient way to ensure even coverage of all teeth front and back.
  • A blue laser light helps to speed up the whitening process by up to 50% and a remineralisation gel aids with aftercare.
  • The whitening results should last up to two years, depending on your diet. You can also mix a little of the gel with your normal toothpaste if needed to keep your teeth continually white.
  • Comes in discreet packaging.
  • According to reviews, customer support seems to be important to Dental White. Dental White pledges to answer all queries within 24 hours, and stresses that all support is offered from within the UK. There is also a telephone number to call if needed.
  • The ‘best option’ kit is priced at just £36.99 with a shelf life of up to two years and has a 14-day money back guarantee. This comes complete with 120ml of gel, two mouth trays, blue LED light accelerator, two aftercare gels and instructions. A similar kit without the aftercare gels is £32.99 and you can buy the gel alone for £23.99. A starter pack of gels, trays, applicator and instructions costs £26.99. The LED light, aftercare gels and mouth trays are also available individually.

The Cons

  • There really is little to complain about with Dental White. As with all peroxide kits, of course, you should avoid spilling gel onto the teeth or gums in case it causes some irritation.
  • Thermoform customisable mouth trays may seem tricky to use at first but once you’ve moulded them, you can reuse. Having mouth trays that fit your teeth so closely should ensure less spillage and more effective whitening, with the gel also working between teeth.

The Verdict

If you’re serious about whitening your teeth, we’d have no hesitation in recommending Dental White. Thanks to the recent EU rules, it’s harder than ever to find a decent and effective peroxide formula, let alone one with a guaranteed success rate at an affordable price like Dental White.

Being legally approved as a peroxide gel for sale in the UK is a huge coup for Dental White and benefits customers alike. Customers can now buy an effective and safe peroxide gel that outshines all other non-peroxide gels and has been shown to whiten teeth quickly and effectively.

Where to Get Dental White

Dental White is only available to buy online, direct from the manufacturer at www.smile4you.co.uk.

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